Gynaecology: Cycle Problems

Cycle Problems | Fertility | Pregnancy

special-patientJuli has attended various seminars with Bob Flaws – the leading US Chinese Medicine specialist in gynaecology, and sees women from early teens right through to menapausal age.

Acupuncture diagnosis can explain why cycle problems occur and Juli’s emphasis is to promote and establish regular, pain-free cycles. She is often consulted by women suffering with menapausal hot flushes, anxiety and night sweats.

Menapausal Hot Flushes and Sleep Difficulties

When I first went for Acupuncture, I was having hot flushes and waking at night every couple of hours, throwing the covers off and then getting cold. It was so tiresome. Now I don’t have any flushes or sweats and my sleep is much improved. I also had some pain in my elbow, which Juli treated and that is fine now as well!

Sandra, Derbyshire